Hello World!


Welcome to the blog!

We’ll start with one simple fact: I don’t like writing. I’ve always disliked it. I didn’t like writing essays in school, I particularly didn’t like writing book reports, and during the written potion on tests, I thought I thought it was torture.

But then something changed. I don’t know if it was my need to write to survive (working in a corporation and later a marketing firm, the only way to do your job is to write about scenarios, training and of course ad copy) but SOMETHING changed in me. I changed to the point that if I don’t write and express and solve and create, I am not living. I become a shell of me. But after I write, whether in my journal or now here in this blog, I feel like me again.

Writing is now a part of me. I can’t describe myself without saying writing is a hobby of mine. Sure, I still struggle from time to time to get in the creative mindset (again, because I write all-day long) but I can honestly say, I am a part-time writer. I still don’t like writing as a school subject, but I do like writing for life.

Now this blog isn’t all about me. It will primarily be focused on new music, new playlists, my playlists and other musings. My passion is music and I love to share and talk and analyze about it. I even DJ on the side, on top of my full-time job and my family, for cryin’ out loud. So if you want music, you’ve found it.

Stick around. Aside from music, I am passionate about technology, teaching, learning, and people collectively and individually so you’ll get it all as we travel through time and space together, here on this blog.

Till next time…

See below or see here for the playlist.

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